Streamliner design process

Streamliner design process


14th September 2020

In July we started our next watch design project. Project 2021. The idea was to expose our design process with you and get your feedback on the design, so you can help design our next watch.

We started with 3 design themes taking automotive influence from the 1930's 50's and 70's which can see below. 

After receiving a huge amount of feedback on the designs there was one clear winner.  The 1930's.  The design has now been developed into cad which are the images you see here today. After your feedback the decision was taken to incorporate a round dial whilst keeping the cushion case shape with streamliner fins. 

Please let us know what you think. All feedback will be put into the design pot so be brave and email us your thoughts.  


24th September 2020

Design inspiration.  It's a great idea to take a deeper dive into the initial inspiration and in this case it's the streamliner design period. One of the major influences has been the New York state streamliner steam trains. The mercury train shown above must have looked like it was dropped from space when it was launched with its bold surface language.  The challenge now it to take this surface language and graphical detail into our next design whilst keeping the watch functional.


October 14th 2020

Project 2021 dial design update. 

The latest design development has focused on the dial design and colour ways options and you guessed it we want your feedback to decide which options to go with. 
Please let us know what you think. All feedback will be put into the design pot so be brave and email us your thoughts at

November 2020 ( Streamliner project update) 

Case finishes.  It very important to break up the case volume by case with different finishes. The light catches the different case finishes in different ways and can dramatically change the visible weight of the case.  We like to mix the finishes from chrome to radial and brushed finishes. 


January 2021

Streamliner cad development. There are many parts that go into developing the final case design.  Every part of our watches ( apart from the trusty Miyota movement )are bespoke and have to fit and work together with minimum tolerance.  This means every millimetre counts.  You can see above just how meany parts have to work in harmony to achieve a design such as the streamliner.   



March 2021 

Streamliner Final production samples arrive.  It's a long process but it's very satisfying when all the hard work pays off and you can put the final watch design on your wrist that you have seen come to life from sketch to reality.   

Check out the full Streamliner range here. 

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