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British Watchmakers day reveals first fourteen special edition watches.

Watch Gecko

Watch Gecko review of the Limited edition British Watch Makers Day/Daily Driver. 


British watchmakers day 

Special edition MHD Daily Driver Reverse panda 

Robbie and watches

In the metal - MHD Daily Driver Reverse panda 



Click Spring Reviews

Click Spring Reviews youtube channel review of the Streamliner All Steel.

Click Spring Reviews

Click Spring Reviews youtube channel review of the Daily Driver DLC Black.


Celebrates Motoring of the Roaring '20s

In Europe, we often call the 1920s the Golden Twenties. It was an exciting period that followed the butchery of World War 1. The economy was booming and the West was making the most of its increased wealth. It was a time of innovation and experimentation, with art, music and literature all flourishing. MHD watches Founder Matthew Humphries is inspired by this golden age of motoring and the Type 2 is his homage to the cars of the era.

Chronopolis, MHD Streamliner - Stunning British Designed Automatic Watch

You're not shopping for an MHD watch because you like wearing the same watch as your friends. You're here because Matthew was Head of Design at the Morgan Motor Company at 21. He's taken his talent for design and his experience with sports cars and applied that to watches.

Worn and Wound Hands-On With The MHD Watches Streamline


MHD Watches are the brainchild of car designer Matthew Humphries. Getting his start in the world of automotive design (like, real deal, cars-driving-on-the-road auto design), he turned his car-inspired design eye towards another passion — watches. After seeing his Morgan Aeromax, Supersports, and 3 wheeler on the road, it was time to pay some attention to his wrist. The automotive world and the watch world have always been close, with a lot of interest spanning the two hobbies. From timing races with an old chronograph to dedicated driving watches with tilted dials, the DNA between the machines you drive and their smaller wrist-worn counterparts runs deep.


The MHD Streamliner,

British watchmakers are some of the finest in the world and, if you like your timepieces to boast an automotive aesthetic, MHD are a brand that need to be on your radar. Their latest release, the Streamliner, is one of their most visually impactful and top performing to date and if you want to add a high quality new timepiece to your lineup in time for Christmas, this would definitely be a top pick of ours here at The Coolector.

streamliner watch

Win a two day Break and a hamper of prizes including an MHD Watch


The Glorious 12th is nearly upon us. The UK’s 121-day-long shooting season, which starts on 12th August, has been a Great British countryside tradition for centuries and this year, MHD watches are proud to sponsor the Lucky onion grouse games. 

Oracle time

"The best example of Humphries’ ethos is the MHD AGT Automatic. Like an engine supported in a chassis, the main body of the watch is surrounded by a stainless steel exoskeleton, which defines its retro, lozenge-shaped silhouette."

mhd agt steel edition  

Worn and Wound 


The Coolector

Watch it all about 

"What can be said about the MHD SA2 Heritage, it’s a superbly built piece with tonnes of fine craft details, character and charm that sets apart from similarly priced alternatives." 

mhd watches sa2 heritage white dial on tan nato strap


Weston Dakin ( you tube review )

"Its awesome, just awesome!"

Watches you can afford, SA2 Review 

"This design language is excellent from every angle, whether you’re looking at the dial or the mechanical engine ticking underneath the hood."

mhd watches SA2 steel dial on grey nato strap

"All MHD watches are designed by automotive designer Matthew Humphries, who is best known for designing cars such as the stunning Morgan Aeromax, Supersports and 3 wheeler."

mhd watches sa2 heritage white dial on tan seat belt material nato style strap


Take to the Road 

 "For that added extra touch of motorsport, the SA2 is supplied with two soft, but strong car seat belt material nato straps, one in grey and the other black with a yellow racing stripe, which can be swapped out in seconds!"

mhd sa2 launch edition on black and yellow nato strap


Watch Gecko 

 "I think that MHD offers some pretty fantastic watches for anyone into the automotive world or even engineering or if you are just looking for something quite different. They are a brand to look out for with future releases as they only seem to be getting better and better"

mhd watches sa2 and agt on hand

"Matt said there’s definitely automotive influence in the watches he makes at MHD Watches. “Any designer takes a history along with them. A lot of what you learn in car design goes into watch design.” 

matthew humphries and porsche 911


The Time Bum

"I knew the SA2 would be intriguing, hoped it would be appealing, and feared it would be impractical, but MHD did not let me down. It is brilliant."

mhd watches sa2 heritage white dial


Watch Review Blog 

"Matthew should be congratulated for this genuinely unique and interesting expression of case design. Having gotten rapidly acquainted with hill climb cars and their particular features, you can definitely see where Matthew is coming from with this piece."

mhd sa2 black dial mens watch


Gear Patrol

"This boutique automotive watch comes in two sleek new colours." 

mhd watches sa2 heritage white dial on flying jacket


Automobile magazine 

"The MHD SA2 is refreshingly unique and reserved in its automotive themes. We're particular fans of the chassis-esque case and clean, unfettered dial design."

matthew humphries with porsche 356


Worn and Wound

"This watch is squarely aimed at those who appreciate more than just a chronograph and tachymeter in their motorsport inspired watches." 

mhd sa2 mens sports watch


Cool Material 

"Former Morgan Motor Company Head Designer Matthew Humphries is on a roll… with watches. His love for motorsport and horology have led to this fourth model, this time with his most unique case design."

mhd watches mens motoring watch



Two Broke Watch

"I’m excited to keep my eye on MHD Watches because they’re easily one of the more interesting under-the-radar microbrands out there that folks should pay attention to."

mhd watches agt black edition on tan leather strap


Worn and Wound

 "Racing inspired watches are nothing new. What is less common is a watch that has some real automotive pedigree, and the MHD AGT is exactly that."

MHD watches AGT on brown leather strap


Watch It All About 

'The MHD AGT is no doubt a cool-looking watch, which is very well manufactured. And on a personal note, it’s cool to see a British watch brand with such a unique design'

MHD watches AGT lume shot


mhd watches cr1 black dial on tan leather rally strap

Worn and Wound

worn and wound mhd watches agt review


Classic Driver 

mhd watches agt automatic watch

Worn and Wound review 

mhd watches cr1 and sq1 review by worn and wound


Classic Driver The MHD CR1 could have been born in the Golden Era of Motorsport

mhd watches cr1 chronograph watch


mhd watches sq1


MHD CR1 Panda Chronograph Watch Review

watch it all about mhd watches cr1

 WYCA Exclusive 


matthew humphries with porsche 911

 Dan Getatru


 Matthew Humphries Design CR1 la petite trotteuse


MHD, une marque pour les amoureux d’automobile

MHD Watches car design sketch

MHD lance de nouveaux coloris !

mhd watches cr1 panda dial

The party starts at 8pm with the new limited-edition MHD SQ1