SC design process

SC design process

SC Final production samples arrive and we open for Pre-orders It's a long process but it's very satisfying when all the hard work pays off and you can put the final watch design on your wrist that you have seen come to life from sketch to reality. 

Check out the SC here. 

August 2021

SC Final Cad development

This is the time to 'Sleep on it".  It sounds wrong but we find it also best to let a final design digest before doing a final review of all aspects of style, form and function. Then if all is correct we are ready to press the button to have the first set of samples produced. 

May 2021 

SC Dial design

The dial design really progresses when we start to develop it in 3d.  We love a sandwich dial as it means you get maximum SuperLuminova over the sub-dial and there is no chance of indexes coming off causing damage to the dial.  It also gives depth to the dial design. 

The graphic layout is also finessed in 3d to make sure it is super legible and still has a cool 1970s feel. Working the dial design in 3d also gives us a chance to try new colour-ways in different lighting scenes.  

April 2021 

SC CAD development 

The CAD design starts with the engineering basics. We place the movement, dial and strap in position and then in the side profile work up an outer chassis case that fits within these parameters.  It's very important to get the lug-to-lug size correct so that the fits a variety of size wrists.  With the SC we managed to achieve a 46mm lug-to-lug length by incorporating the strap into the case shape. 

The outer chassis case lines are drawn in, side and top profiles to start with and then these curves/ lines form the start of the case surfaces. When a basic case shape is blocked in we can then pull and push the curves on the model to develop the correct shapes and volumes. A lot of time is spent making sure these curves are correct in all views.  Just like designing a car body.  

One of the key design elements was to incorporate Gandin's signature shape rear wheel arch from the Lamborghini.  Getting this cut-out shape in the correct shape and in the correct position was a painstaking exercise but in the end gives a dramatic look to the final case shape and a cool nod to Gandini every time you see the watch. 

March 2021 

SC dial designs

The dial designs have to fit the 1970s brief whilst being legible and graphically working with the case shape.  Colour-ways are also very important to give the watch a 1970s caricature. You can see some of the deign influence and options that we tried above. 

February 2021 

SC Design process

1970’s supercars were synonymous with Italian Car Designer Marcello Gandini.  Bold form language and geometric graphics give the designs a unique 1970s feel. Gandini’s trademark rear wheel arch design was a unique styling flourish that became his personal stamp and would only appear on the most intriguing, unusual cars like the Strato’s HF ‘Zero and the production Lamborghini Countach. It is this signature styling feature and bold form language from 1970’s supercars that has influenced the shape of the MHD SC watch chassis case.

One of the main design challenges at this initial stage is to capture the essence of Gandini's 1970s "wedge"/ geometric form language for the case shape whilst still designing a watch that can sit comfortably on the wrist.

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