Daily Driver design process story

Daily Driver design process story

It's time to take a deep dive into the Daily Driver design story.  The Daily Driver was designed to be an MHD Core product and is an evolution of our engineered aesthetic design language. 

The first 2 images below show the initial design influences and aesthetic values we were trying to achieve to become a modern vintage chronograph. 



Stage 2, Quick sketch ideation

At this stage, It's just about trying to get as many options and ideas down on the paper.  It doesn't matter if they are rough, as long as the concept is described. The sketch shown below was the chosen design direction  (there were plenty more) which highlights our exoskeleton chassis case design concept. We did this firstly on the AGT range, but this time the extrusion is from the top plane so its visible at all times.   

Cad surface development stage 1 

At this early stage of cad development, it's as much about packaging all the elements ( movement, strap position etc) in the correct space, as it is form development. It is time to explore form options in 3d.  We like to think of it as clay modelling on the screen.  You can pull surfaces back and forward quickly to try out new ideas. 

Cad stage 2 development

Stage 2 is about detail.  Making sure that all the layers of the case fit together correctly.  It is also time to start trying out colour and material finish options. At this early stage the bezel was all black. 

Stage 3 cad development

Now it's time to try out some colour way options.  This can be very time-consuming.  We find it's best to print options off and let them sit on the wall for a few days and digest.  

Stage 4 Final Cad development  

You can really see how the design has developed subtly through the process to get to the final chosen design. 

Stage 5 Final spec pages for Prototype development

At this point, we develop a fully detailed spec document and cad data set to send to our manufacturing partner. Even the Pantone colours are specified and bespoke for us. 

Final production 

So from sketch to cad to final production design, it's clear to see the original design intention has been achieved and it's also clear there was a long development process to get there. In the end, we are very proud of the Daily Driver watch design and our MHD followers clearly feel the same way. 

 Click to view the Daily Driver 

Click to view the Daily Driver DLC black 

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