All MHD Watches are designed in the UK by Automotive Designer Matthew Humphries, who is best known for designing cars such as the stunning Morgan Aeromax, Supersports and 3 wheeler.

"The symbiotic relationship between cars and watches is a well known fact with enthusiasts of both. In fact, the majority of car themed watches either take their name from the motorsport world (Rolex Daytona for the track, Heuer Carrera after the gruelling and dangerous Mexican road race), or they have a shining endorsement from it (you're probably picturing the iconic square case of the blue Monaco upon Steve McQueen's wrist in Le Mans right now. )

However, very few automotive-inspired watches can claim to have been designed by a car designer. Most automotive tie-ins come from a brand association, and thats about as far as it goes, but to actually have the same pen designing a watch that designed a car is rare. Enter the talent of Matthew Humphries, the gifted young designer who, at the age of 21, became Head of Design at the Morgan Motor Company and can be attributed for the stunning Aeromax and Supersports. 

After leaving Morgan, Matthew set up his own Automotive design consultancy (MHD), and then in 2014 established MHD watches to combine his love of design with his passion for watches. To see more of Matthew Humphries Design Consultancy click here.



MHD watches are proud to be a member of The Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers. 

Promoting British watch and clock making around the world.

Check out the British watch and clock makers podcast with Matthew here