Have you ever dreamed of creating your own watch brand or conceptualized a unique watch design? MHD Design Consultancy is here to turn those dreams into reality.

In conjunction with MHD Watches, MHD Design Consultancy offers a comprehensive service to transform clients' concepts into tangible products. Over the past 10 year, MHD has designed more than 30 new watches for its own brand while also serving as a design consultant for esteemed brands such as Lonville Watches and Vertex.

Our process encompasses:

  • Crafting a design brief
  • Developing a design theme
  • Ideation through sketching
  • Advancing 2D design with color and material options
  • Developing 3D CAD designs with material finish options
  • Producing final visualizations with iterative design choices
  • Creating prototypes
  • Redesigning and selecting final color options
  • Delivering the final product to the customer

Below are examples of our previous design processes. We are pleased to offer quotes for projects ranging from theme development and sketch ideation to full design projects culminating in the final production of watches.

To view more examples of MHD Consultancy projects please click the link below. 

MHD Design projects 

MHD Watch design examples 

MHD "Behind the design blog" with MHD's Full design process

To enquire about a new watch project, or receive a design quote please email


Final Porduction watch, Limited edition of 100 units