06/2023 Jason, UK

No problem and thank you :-) I love it :-) and I tell everyone about it , i've not put on my seiko king turtle since:-) 

It won't be the last MHD I buy :-) .

04/2023 Tet, USA

I got my package today, the watches were even better looking in life than in the picture a rare and welcome surprise these days when most things fall flat in real life.
My thanks for the two sets of blue leather straps you included free with my order, much appreciated.
No doubts you will be seeing my name on your order list in the months to come.


04/2023 Christopher, Canada

I just received my new SA2 Heritage White Dial and I have got to admit it is already far exceeding my expectations. Great service. Excellent presentation. And exquisite design. A really unique timepiece I’m very proud to own. And in my opinion, grossly undervalued. (Some lucky I am!) The sandwich dial alone is a standout. Add in the overall design with the fixed frame lugs (with gorgeous detailing), the brushed vs. polished elements, the case knurling, the hands, the open case back, 5ATM, the beautiful crown, the serial number and model engraving, sapphire crystal, the Myota 9039 (love that rotor edge and tuxedo striping) and this piece gets downright sublime. 
Super impressed!! And your new number one fan on “The Rock”. (Unfortunately, perhaps your only fan here for the moment.) But let’s get that changed. 
Please free to use any of my comments. Extremely well deserved. I’m only sorry I’m not a YouTube content creator. 
Cheers, from Newfoundland, Canada

1/2023 Mark UK

Hi Matthew, thank you and it is a great watch.  Lovely quality and finish… have a Rolex Datejust and has the same quality.Many thanks,

1/2023 Chris UK

Hello Matthew,

I thought you would like this photo of my two daily drivers!
Absolutely delighted with my MHD Daily Driver watch! It arrived at lunchtime today.

Thank you for your & excellent customer service!
Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year!

12/2022 Don UK
Daily Driver turned up today, which was a surprise at Royal Mail app is useless, 
Anyway great watch, love the little details and nice weight thanks again for your service, the black strap and great communication


12/2022 Don UK

Hi Matthew

In spite of a postal strike last week, my black-strapped Daily Driver arrived safely and I like it very much, with its clean lines and attention to detail.

12/2022 Clive UK

Dear Mathew,

My Daily driver watch arrived this morning, very pleased with the quality.

Thank you.

12/2022 Alfred USA

Hey Matthew

I just received the daily driver yesterday.
Great looking watch,  build quality is excellent. 
Thank you!


11/2022 Dave UK

Hi Matthew, Got the streamliner watch today. It is fantastic!  Just an amazing design. Love it more than my Rolex and Omega! Can't believe how good it is. Brilliant design.  Thank you. 

09/2022 David UK

The Streamliner arrived today.  I've sized the bracelet and am wearing it.  It's beautiful, thank you!

09/2022 Nigel UK

Hi Matthew 
Received safely. Very pleased. It is a really excellent piece of design. You must be very happy.

08.2022 Michael UK 

I have safe receipt of the watch.
I am very impressed with the quality of the product and your customer service.


08/2022 Jonathan UK

My Type2 arrived today. Many thanks and I hope you had a successful watch sale. Congratulations on such a fine sense of the aesthetic, an engineered feel and it's beautifully weighted.


07/2022 Christopher UK

Hi,  Many thanks for the quick delivery, very impressed with the watch quality and design, been a pleasure dealing with you.

04/2022 Matt UK

I just wanted to say how much I love my new Streamliner Blue. What a gorgeous watch. I now have 4 of your watches and I look forward to collect many more. Well done. It truly is Great British Design.


03/2022 Francois France

It took me a while to pull the trigger before buying my 1st MHD.. during this decision process Matthew always replied to all my queries in a timely manner! I decided to go for the AGT and I really love the watch! It punches above its weight and looks like a more expensive watch. The SS bracelet is very solid and nice
All the small niggles I read on line are not true to my knowledge : the crown is accessible for the winding / the size is definitely ok even with a flat 50mm L2L
and last but not least the Myota runs very well at + 5sec/day!



08/2021 Michael UK

My watch arrived today; it is BRILLIANT! Your design is spot on, it will join the others in my collection of quality watches.


08/2021 Jennifer UK

My husband gets the Classic Car magazine and saw the watches in the August 2021 issue; he was very impressed with their style.  I decided to buy him one for his birthday.


08/2021 Arnaud France

I was searching on Internet, looking for a watch sharing some design characteristics to match my yellow Lotus Exige, with aluminium grey plus black (and/or carbon) and yellow détails. But I have found only big watches, very sporty and not elegant.

And once on Facebook I saw an ad for your SA2 Launch Edition watch.

I liked the history behind the brand and I loved the style so recently I decided to give it a try, as I find the watch very beautiful and couldn't resist finally.


08/2021 Mark UK

Just to let you know I've been aware of (& admired) MHD watches for quite a while from looking through car magazines (and possibly QP Magazine????); however, actually seeing the watches at Silverstone Classic was what made me finally take the plunge


08/2021 Richard UK

Dear Matthew you will be pleased to hear that my new MHD watch is currently my favourite. The weight is just right. The legibility is excellent. I’m fact I had not appreciated until 3 days wearing that there were no numerals! It somehow manages to be traditional and modern at the same time. One of the reasons I chose this model was because of the six screws. Later models appear to have socket screws which are a “no” for me. Something for you to think about….. the screws in the engine bay of my 1958 Rolls have their slots all aligned. Trivial maybe but a mark of engineering excellence. 


07/2021 Ian Uk

I very much like the design range - which I first saw in Car magazine, and then followed up with closer scrutiny on your excellent website.

Just one suggestion; there are many photos of this particular watch - but I couldn't see any which clearly showed the buckle, which I think would be a useful addition.

And I look forward to receiving the watch, with genuine anticipation!!


07/2021 Cy UK

I have one of your limited edition SQ1 (300pcs) Watches which I love! Had it for a few years now and just changing the battery and strap! 

Can’t recall where I initially heard about you but it was probably a decent online article that prompted me to take a look at your excellent selection! 

The watch garners no end of admirers and enquiries every time I wear it! 

I wish you nothing  but continued success!


07/2021 Ahmad USA

I only bought a watch strap so perhaps not worthy as a "customer" per se, but I have been a fan since launch. My friend Rehan and I are both automotive design nuts so we had talked about the brand, and he actually ended up purchasing a CR1 that he later gifted to me. Either he introduced me to the brand or we both read about it on car websites, more likely. I wanted a different watch strap than the one he had, which is the simple black "nato" strap, hence my purchase. I look forward to wearing the watch and perhaps one day purchasing another one of my own


07/2021 Lindsay UK

Hello Matthew, 

I met you at Shere Hill climb a couple of years ago when I bought my lovely MHD watch which is barely off my wrist. 

I have been looking at your latest creations and finally could no longer resist. 

Looking forward to seeing this later in the year. Another gift to myself to make up from being stuck inside shielded. 



07/2021 John UK

Like the watches and have been wanting one for some time - the new Streamline looks great so ordered one.

Love British design and British cars although I am more of a Jaguar man (have an e type)



07/2021 Vukasin Serbia

I'm part time car journalist and I like to search for obsolete brands in the shadow of other brands. Watches are my "new" passion and as a car guy, it wasn't hard to find you. You just have to know were to look.

I wasn't financially healthy enough to purchase your watch earlier, but finally I have some room in budget for this fantastic piece.


07/2021 Peter UK

Have now received the watch and it is brilliant. Had not realised it was self-winding - but that just means I will have to wear it more often!

I read a brief review in the May edition of CAR magazine. That prompted me to your website and my wife buying the watch for my upcoming birthday


07/2021 George UK

Received my watch yesterday, and I’m delighted with my purchase.

A few thoughts…

Delivery was promised for the 2nd of July, and in fact the parcel was received three days earlier. Always good to promise something – and then over-perform. A good start.

The packaging and care taken to deliver the watch in pristine condition was impressive and appreciated.

The heft and overall appearance of the watch is pleasing. 

Currently running about five seconds fast in 12 hours. Not bad. My Breitling runs slow about three seconds in 24 hours, but obviously a different price pointed watch.

Very pleased. Off to my watchmaker tomorrow to get one link removed from the steel bracelet.


07/2021 Todd USA

Watch arrived without incident last week - WOW what a beautiful design!! Like nothing else I own; well done - my fav.


07/2021 Stuart UK

I'm an avid microbrand collector and I came across your site as I was browsing the net. I saw the steel dial SA2, liked it a lot, so I bought it. It helps that I'm also a bit of a petrolhead.



06/2021 Norman UK

Hi Matthew,

I first found you in my CAR magazine, I think it was around November issue last year. I was way behind as usual catching up with my reading so it was probably January this year when I saw the "type 1" which by then was sold out. My wife subsequently found you online and the rest is history.

I've never really understood the connection between watches and motoring, nor why they're reviewed in such magazines. Yours are the only ones I've seen with a "genuine" link in terms of design. 

As an aside, whilst appreciating the design aspects and quality of the type 2, the one thing that seems to attract most attention is the "fuel gauge" energy level indicator. I was pleased to see it again on the Streamliner; it could almost become your signature. I've absolutely no design or artistic skills whatsoever but I can't help thinking that to create something that looks so simple yet appropriate, must be really quite difficult.

Thanks once again for the excellent service you provide.


06/2021 Mark UK

I saw your advert in Car magazine I know in the current times buying magazines is a little old hat but I really liked the look of your advert

I have been in the motor trade selling cars for about 40 years and most guys I meet have the Rolex watch I just liked the design and heritage of the watches you sell 

It’s nice too see a British company doing well

I look forward to receiving my new watch soon


06/2021 Bruce UK

I first discovered your watches, and Chris Ward's, after seeing them in Evo magazine. I first saw them in the metal at Supercar Fest where I spoke about your watches with the lady on your sales stand. She went through the range and allowed me to take a couple of photos and she also gave me some of your advertising literature away with me.

As soon as I saw "my" watch, I knew I was going to buy 1 but I make a point of not making impulse buys as I've been stung before, usually while I'm abroad. The watch arrived yesterday, 16/06, and I have it on now.


06/2021 Stephen USA

I saw your watch/design on instagram, I follow British watch makers.  When I saw it, immediately loved it and thankfully I could order it.  It recently arrived and it is just as fantastic as it I thought it would be.  


06/2021 David UK

Watch arrived on Tuesday - very quick service by Royal Mail. Delighted with the watch which is everything I was looking for. Also keeps perfect time - I check it against my Oregon Scientific weather station which has an RF link to the atomic clock at Greenwich Observatory. Watch has been spot on.


06/2021 Earl UK

Thankyou for such great design, I have a passion for British design and engineering.

If everybody in the UK could just buy British design and British products what a lift this would

be to the country.

I am an aeronautical engineer and worked on some of the great British aircraft.


06/2021 Nelson France

I have a sq1, I like to look at your website from time to time to see the news because I really like your work and who knows, maybe fall for a new model.



06/2021 Grant UK

My friend has recently bought a Morgan aeromax and it is entered in the concours event at the HAC on Tuesday.  I was doing some research on the car and discovered your website while doing so. 

I decided to buy my friend one of your watches so he has a reminder of his car whenever he looks at the watch. 


05/2021 Clifford USA

I received my Type 2 watch Friday and have been showing it off.  Everyone loves it and the white face fits well with my watch collection.  I will send any of my interested club members your way.  I wish you continued success with your unique time pieces.  


05/2021 Norman UK

Just to confirm that I have today received my watch and say thank you for the prompt delivery upon my return from holiday. I must say it's actually better in the metal than it was in my CAR magazine. It looks and feels top quality. I'm really pleased.



05/2021 Jim USA

Thought I’d shoot you a quick email to let you know my MHD Type 02 showed up yesterday.  DHL delivered it four full days earlier than expected so I was pretty pleased.

Upon opening and inspecting the watch I was quite impressed.  The dimensions are just about perfect for me, the finish work is excellent and the overall design (your speciality) is different and unique.  The exoskeleton case is what originally drew me to the watch and, seeing it in person, I was not disappointed.  At first I thought there was an issue with the power reserve indicator but after I read your instructions on the “initiation process” everything began working as it should.  

I’ll be interested in following your work and watching for new models.


05/2021 Arie Australia

It feels special being contacted by the designer of my beautiful new watch.

I spotted an advertisement for your watches in the April 2021 edition of Octane magazine and it took me only a few minutes to decide that I needed one.

Many thanks


05/2021 Jon UK

Thanks for getting in touch I hope you are well!  I first saw you at Prescott I think the first time you where there and you where kind enough to show me some of your sketches. I’ve seen you a couple of times at Prescott since and I think also at the NEC classic car show. I’ve wanted one of these for a really long time but unfortunately life and car servicing always got in the way! 

I think you have a very impressive product, great quality and looking forward to receiving the SA2!

Hopefully will see you again soon at Prescott.


05/2021 Tracy UK

We have known about you for some time. Originally, we saw you at one of the car shows, but we go to so many (or did do until lockdown last year), that I can't exactly remember which one it was. Goodwood, perhaps or Silverstone, but the last time we saw you was at Kop Hill Climb. It was very wet, as I recall, and your stand was near the Maseratti stand. 

We have always admired your watches, and as it's my husband's 65th birthday later this month, I knew just the present to get! I appreciate the watch won't be ready until July but that is not a problem at all.

Thank you again for getting in touch and I look forward to seeing the gorgeous watch.


/05/2021 Stephen UK

The type3 looks great and I look forward to wearing it when driving my beloved 1967 series one E type!


04/2021 Peter UK

I first saw your watches in Car magazine when they featured your SA2 design. When you brought out the blue Type 3 I could resist no longer!

Thank you for designing such great looking watches!


04/2021 Patrick UK

I saw your watch in Car magazine... Thought it looked fabulous. I have bought it as a gift for my son who has just turned 18.


04/2021 David New Zealand

Hi Matthew,

I was reading a recent (in NZ) copy of the March 2021 Octane magazine. In it, I saw an ad for your watches. As a person who loves watches, I was immediately taken by the elegance of your product!

Cannot wait to be able to wear it with pride in New Zealand! Bet not many will make it here!

I believe that there would be a market in NZ for watches of your quality.

Another thing that sold your watch was the size, most watches are too large for my wrist, I have a small wrist, and the 40cm size is perfect.

Anyway, looking forward to my watch, best of luck with your endeavours!


04/2021 Mark UK

I saw your feature in the May edition of Car, very much liked the look of the Type 2 white dial watch and as my wife wants to buy me something for my 60th I thought that I would take a closer look.  There was also some resonance with your story as I have visited a Shelsey Walsh event in a Morgan, though unfortunately not my own vehicle.

So after a bit of research on the movement, the reviews and the fact that a limited run of 100 makes the watch relatively exclusive (I have a TAG but who hasn't?) but without being ridiculously expensive I placed the order.


04/2021 Nigel UK

The design is really appealing and exactly the kind of elegant simplicity I appreciate.


04/2021 Neil UK

I like the latest design (and inclusion of the date), and that there's 2 straps. 


2021Chetak Qatar

Honestly, I had seen your brand on my IG a lot but the models on display had no lume so I didn't pull the trigger. When I saw the model with lume, I didn't hesitate.


12/2020 Simon UK

I have just received the watch and love it. Even better than in the photos, the details are exquisite.


12/2020 Paul UK

I actually saw your pop up store at Prescott during a Porsche hill climb day in 2019 but my mrs dragged me away before i had chance to speak to you, then a thread was started on pistonheads recently about MHD watches & bingo! Now i have a excuse for a Xmas present to myself & very excited about it.


11/2020 Stuart UK

We're a family of petrolheads.  I own (and have owned) a few classic cars and we have been with GRRC since it started 20+ years ago.  As it happens I saw your ad in Top Gear Magazine which my son subscribes to, and it kind of jumped out at me.  It was lucky as I would normally just flick through it.  I've been subscribing to Magneto which I'm sure you'll have seen - did you advertise in there?  I went straight to the website and followed you on Instagram for good measure.  I have a number of limited edition watches although most are at a much higher price point.  I had been looking at a new piece for a while - Bremont had caught my eye along with some slightly retro models from Farer and Christopher Ward as I was interested in trying something new.  Your watch really hit the spot and the pricing is strong.


05/2020 Jamie USA

The MHD-TYPE l is just spectacular!


12/2019 Trevor UK

Hi Matthew,

You have a beautifully crafted product.

Being in the branding and marketing industry I’m aware of the importance of knowing how your product performs in different media.

I first noticed your adverts in Octane Magazine and several other Classic Car magazines, then came across you at a Shelsey Walsh Hillclimb meet last June.

But until yesterday I hadn’t had chance to have a good look at your watches.

I’m not really a watch collector and until recently have never really taken any notice of them other than to tell the time. But I have always appreciated simple, functional but stylish watch design (not a Rolex fan!).  My TAG Monaco was a wedding anniversary present from my wife, so I was as surprised as you were when she insisted I had your AGT for Christmas.

I wish you all the very best for the future. Please keep doing what you’re doing.


10/2019 Bryan UK

As an FYI to anyone reading this... there was a spread in the November 2019 issue of Automobile magazine that was about MHD watches. I really liked what I read and really enjoyed the designs, so after five minutes of browsing, I bought one.

2018 Gagik USA

I received your beautiful watches yesterday.  Thank you for your sofisticated design!

I impressed by proportions, form, steel finish, details. Real piece of art. I wear Panerai Marina, TAG Carrera, IWC Pilot, Chopard Mille Miglia watches. I changed them now to yours. Looking forward to when I will give this Christmas present to my brother.

Thank you for your design again,


07/2018 Richard

I couldn’t be more pleased with it. A real eye catcher indeed.  CR1

Thanks for your prompt reply. You may just see my head pop up again in coming months, in time for my son’s 18th!