The Morgan Eva GT concept car

The Morgan Eva GT concept car
The Morgan Eva GT concept car (shown above). These initial concept sketches above were next taken into a cad modelling stage that developed the forms/surfaces, as well as integrated the engineering structure.   This data was then used to build the Eva GT concept car that was later launched at the Pebble Beach Concourse in 2010.  Designed by Matthew Humphries 


In parallel, the same design process is used today for our MHD Watches (see below an early MHDSA2 sketch), where we start with hand drawn sketches, before we progress forward into to the cad modelling stage, where data is then used to build a watch.

Even though our MHD watches are smaller in scale to cars, we take just as much time and effort in our design process. It is the attention to detail that makes a product successful, no matter what the scale. 

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