MHD Consultancy

Matthew Humphries Design Consultancy (MHD) specialises in Automotive and product design, for both small & large-scale projects.

MHD's main objective is leading the client through project development: from fast sketch ideation, to the initial design concept through to the manufacturing of a production vehicle in the most cost effective way. The design process is vital for the project development & manufacturing process, as it eliminates expensive mistakes later on, as well as adding value to the design of the finished vehicle. MHD prides itself on working with the right partners to complete the client's brief, from collaborating with specialists in alias modelling, cad development, chassis development, carbon fibre and material specialists, as well as traditional coach builders and trimmers.  

If you have an automotive project that you would like to discuss or consider yourself a prospective partner, please do get in touch by emailing or visit for more details 

  • ​Conceptualising & visualising ideas.
  • Automotive Design & styling.
  • Product & manufacturing development.
  • Brand & Design strategy development.
  • Conceptualising & visualising ideas for bespoke client custom builds.
  • Conceptualising & visualising automotive briefs through to manufacturing, whilst integrating feedback from customers and other parties involved, identifying what they want to accomplish with the vehicle? How they want the car to appear in theme etc?
  • Designing products with a general theme in line with the manufacturer’s “corporate look,” and brand. (including: History, DNA, marketing, manufacturing processes & budgets.)

  • Improving and refining manufacturer’s spec options through sketches & renderings, ranging from: the shape of the vehicle, the details of the indicator lamps to the stitching on the seats.
  • Development of manufacturer’s exterior & interior trim options for a bespoke range.
  • Visualising customer exterior & interior trim specifications and upselling manufacturer's specifications options range.
  • Visualising bespoke customer specifications, incorporating manufacturer’s range & bespoke specs specific to the client's requirements.
  • Working with the manufacturer & partners involved, concerned with aesthetics of the car and how it fits into the manufacturer’s line up of colour schemes, materials, fine details, aerodynamic & safety aspects. What kind of message is being projected with the vehicle?
  • Co-ordinating with MHD partners/ specialists on the development of new products addressing: sustainability, responsibility and material research.
  • Working with cad & alias MHD partners.
  • Working with engineering MHD partners.
  • Working directly with the research and development technical teams to ensure that product development is completed in a timely manner.
  • Ability to be creative under pressure and work quickly & efficiently.
  • Ability to identify new business opportunities through direct design ideas.
  • Bench marking comparative products in the market place.
  • Working with Sales and marketing to identify programme opportunities.
  • Understanding of eventual project aims and sales-orientated goals.
  • Assistance in creating advanced design presentations.
  • Ability to convey concept and finished design, in various forms (graphic or electronic).
  • Proficient in delivering convincing presentations to investors and clients.    



The production car projects shown in the gallery above, demonstrate MHD’s capabilities and experience to develop a car from the first sketch to a finished road vehicle, for both small scale & large scale projects.    
MHD collaborates with specialists in alias modelling, cad development, chassis development, carbon fibre and material specialists, as well as traditional coach builders and trimmers.
MHD also prides itself on working with the right partners to complete the client’s brief in a timely manner.    


Concept vehicles are built to validate manufacturers’ design and engineering process/ capabilities, before large investment is spent on a production vehicle.    
MHD can provide a bespoke service that takes your project from initial fast sketch ideation, through to developing your project with partners, to produce a concept vehicle.
Concept vehicles can also be used to promote and push the brand image of the manufacturer, as well as display the product to the public showcasing new technology through eye catching design that will potentially secure future sales or further investment into the company.



Designed to a clients specification as a one of design. 


A fast sketch design process to get ideas down in 2d quickly to help with a more detailed berifing process.